First of all: enjoy the page!

This blog is devoted to fountain pens and stationary. Every now and then I will update the page with new content such as pen- or ink reviews.

I am not related to any fountain pen shop, company or anything. I just enjoy the fp-world, so please do the same. The pens and other stuff shown here are mostly lent by friends or aquired self (ink for example).

Of course, this is sort of promotion to the products shown here, because at least the things I bought myself I like(ed) very much, so there will be not much negative to tell about (I avoid to buy crap, you know). Hodeverk, this page is by no means commercial! I do not earn money with it.

If I’ve had very good experiences with certain web-shops or real-life boutiques I will name it here, though.

Well, before I forget, I am not a native english speaker so bear with me and my sometimes bad english skills … Thanks for your patience. Otherwise I write in German – 100millions of people will understand me … not even 0,001% would read it anyway. Ich grüße meine geneigten deutschen Muttersprachler! Nicht weggehen, weiterlesen! Danke! Or I write in Norwegian because I live in this beautiful country … Huhu, vennlig hilsen til mine norske venner. Det finnes desverre ikke so mange fyllepenn venner her … det er ei synd … men ikke dra nu, bare stå her, tusen takk!

If you have suggestions or questions, don’t hesitate to contact me: nibbinibnibb(at)gmail.com or use the contact form.

But now, have fun!


PS: Glittertinden is the name of the (meanwhile) second highest mountain in Norway. It has been the highest, when it still had his snowcap … back then … Fuck climate change 🙂 Make Glittertinden great again!


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