I’m Feeling Blue …

Today I want to share something blue with you. Blue coloured fountain pens, that is. Two of them are somewhat brand new. I talk about the recently released  Pelikan M120 Iconic Blue Montblanc Meisterstück Legrand Le Petit Prince  and the Cleo Skribent Paltinum Blue Do these pens have something in common – except for the... Continue Reading →

The Cross Peerless 125 Platinum Medalist

The pen features a guilloched, matted silvergrey cap and barrel. Here, I must admit, that I am not completely sure whether this term is correctly chosen. Neither do I have a clue how this pattern (the "guilloche") was made (etching or engraving). The cap is quite thic compared to the barrel and most of all to the bottom part of the barrel.

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