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Pen Case – Atelier De LaForêt

Today, I want to introduce a couple of pen cases from a french company called Atelier De LaForêt ( – the content is in french language, only). Obviously, apart from pen cases and stationary, this company manufactures a big range of leather items, but this is something you can check out yourself. I will focus… Continue reading Pen Case – Atelier De LaForêt

Fountain Pen Review

The Cross Peerless 125 Platinum Medalist

The pen features a guilloched, matted silvergrey cap and barrel. Here, I must admit, that I am not completely sure whether this term is correctly chosen. Neither do I have a clue how this pattern (the "guilloche") was made (etching or engraving). The cap is quite thic compared to the barrel and most of all to the bottom part of the barrel.

Fountain Pen Review

Montblanc Heritage Rouge et Noir: Coral and Tropic Brown

Today I am slightly on the luxury path because I want to introduce you to the Heritage Rouge et Noir line by Montblanc. Here I focus on the fountain pen(s) exclusively (and skipping e.g. the ball pens etc.). A friend of mine lent me the Coral and I contribute with the Tropic Brown which I… Continue reading Montblanc Heritage Rouge et Noir: Coral and Tropic Brown

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Ink consumption of a fine nib versus an italic 1.1mm nib (Lamy Safari -Z50)

Lately, I recognized on my wordpress-statistics that somebody from Mexico was hitting my page by entering the search phrase „how much more ink does m nib use compared to F“. Well, he or she obviously found my page and landed on it, but two things have crossed my mind regarding this: (a) be carefull what… Continue reading Ink consumption of a fine nib versus an italic 1.1mm nib (Lamy Safari -Z50)

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Orange Inks – an update …

Hi folks. When I last week uploaded the report about orange inks, I was already sure, that I have missed at least one orange ink. After a while it was clear, which ink it was: Diamine Blaze Orange. Verdammt, god verdomde, fy fæn, dammit – those were the words which came straight to my mind… Continue reading Orange Inks – an update …

Fountain Pen Review

Sailor 1911 Large (Zoom nib) …

... a Japanese precious? I assume, the Japanese brand Sailor is well known in the fountain pen world. The company was founded 1911 in Hiroshima. Quite often the namegiving number is imprinted on the nibs of several (if not all) pen collections/series from this company. This together with an anchor (may be to emphasize the… Continue reading Sailor 1911 Large (Zoom nib) …